Culture of Peace to drive social change

Data set


Peace Experiences collection 

The constant reading of Peace Experiences collection aims to develop critical thinking to resolve conflicts peacefully. The creative process is based on the observation of the Earth and is inspired by an image selected prior to the draft writing process. Each story is labeled with two main values in the context of the Culture of Peace.

Data set 
Description:150 photo stories
First edition:March 2017 
Second edition:February 2018 
Third edition:February 2019 
PDF Download: from story 1 to 50Colección Experiencias de Paz_por Carmen Rafecas_1-50
PDF Download: from story 51 to 100Colección Experiencias de Paz_por Carmen Rafecas_51-100
PDF Download: from story 101 to 150Colección Experiencias de Paz_por Carmen Rafecas_101-150
Company:Peace Meetings
Author:Maria Carme Rafecas Casas
Theme:Culture of Peace
Spatial coverege:Global
Temporal coverege:3 years