Culture of Peace to drive social change

My vision of the Culture of Peace

As independent promoter I am cementing my project with the cornerstone of the culture of peace. Two pillars raised my temple, Event Organizer and Thinker of Culture of Peace. And with my experiences, skills and knowledge, I will be assembling the building. However, in order to progress I need to think, but before thinking, I need to understand my mission and find new meanings.

I start with the main similarity between Event Organizer and Thinker of Culture of Peace. From my point of view both figures are placed in the center, and around them there are different stakeholders with their own interests, but with a common goal. And if the common goal is fulfilled, individual interests become collective. It’s like as a magical moment to remember for a lifetime.

Finally, I link culture and peace. I’m undersanding the values, customs, different ways of being, and standards of behavior, through my expertise as Event Organizer. And also I’m reading, studying and writing as Thinker of Culture of Peace. So, I am placed in the center with my own interest, and with the intention to live magical moments to remember for a lifetime.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.