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Approach to social marketing

To get started in social marketing, I use the acronym POST. As explained in the book Growndswell written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, POST is a concept coined by Forrester Research that will help us to approach the social marketing, using the following template:

“P” (people) – ¿Where are our target?. Once we are clear, research is needed to know if our network employs more than any other social network.

“O” (objective) – ¿What we want to achieve by Social Marketing?. The overall outcome of our marketing, needs to be very clear.

“S” (strategy) – ¿What is the best way to attract our target market?. We must have planned our strategy and we make sure that is in line with our main objective.

“T” (technology) – ¿How can we research the demographics of our target market?. We have tools at our disposal that we can use as

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Post written by Carmen Rafecas.