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Professional approach

My main responsibilities include budgeting, site selection, negotiate with hotels and airlines, creating complete programs for events, trade fairs and exhibitions planning, management of VIP, speakers, suppliers and registrations, onsite coordination, and post-event evaluation.

In the future I want to serve the United Nations. With this vision, and to satisfy my need for research and training, I published articles and short stories related to the Culture of Peace and Meeting Planning to transmit the set of values through my personal brand “menplanner”.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.

My website strategy

Since opening my personal blog, as a pilot, I can see how my project works in practice, to give form and substance. After six months, it is time to match the probable and possible. I am aware that I am in a phase that requires a lot of energy, which must act fast, adjusting, correcting and implementing actions in short time.

This website strategy is aimed to share ideas about the culture of peace. You will find articles, book reviews, opinion pieces, stories, and summaries. You can also find contents related to event management, because I think the events play an important role in good relations between countries, companies and people.

The unifying thread of this blog is communication to global audience. The articles published in this site may be copied, provided it is included at the end of it, a link to the menplanner site. The main languages used are English and Spanish and I publish on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 7 a.m.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.


Si bien mi situación económica ha cambiado no limito mi disponibilidad para ayudar a las personas que lo necesitan. Hay que echar mano del coraje y habilidad para sacar adelante a los más pequeños. Saber acomodarse a una nueva situación de mayor estrechez hasta que el cambio se haga imperceptible a los ojos de los menores. A base de horas y paciencia. Observar la pobreza me resulta de gran ayuda. Tropezarme con ella me pone a prueba.

Dos veces me crucé con él. De piel oscura, rostro amigable y un saludo tan especial como difícil de describir con palabras. Le di todas las monedas que llevaba conmigo. No eran muchas, hubiera preferido tener más. Unos días después volví a pasar por el mismo sitio. Sentía curiosidad. Estaba en el mismo lugar. Esta vez fue él quién me recompensó a mí. Con sus palabras. Con su sonrisa. No me atreví a darle monedas, preferí tratarlo como a un amigo.

Des de aquel día fui otra. Comprendí perfectamente lo que aquella persona me quiso decir, más con sus ojos que con sus palabras. Me sentí muy feliz. En paz. Y me di cuenta que el mayor peligro era la ambición de querer tener cada vez más dinero. Y en lugar de pensar en grandes cosas, empecé a hacer pequeñas cosas de corazón. Con confianza, amor y alegría. Sin olvidarme nunca de quienes fueron mis padres ni de dónde vienen mis raíces.

Creo que mi corazón está alegre porque sabe perdonar a las personas de incalificable comportamiento. Las comprende y sabe mantener la esperanza de que puedan ver más allá de lo que su corazón les permite sentir. Y a pesar de ello, mi corazón sigue caminando. No se detiene ni tampoco mira hacia atrás. Sigue incluso cuando el camino está sembrado de dificultades. Agradecida por el amor recibido y guiado por una única palabra;


Post written by Carmen Rafecas.

Backstage with Bruce Springsteen

Backstage with Bruce Springsteen is full of roads, dreams, hopes, successes and disappointments. All my stages are identified with one of his songs. He is my favorite singer.

The first story take place in the stage of student. I had the opportunity to participate in a 10th Edition Award Ceremony organised by my college. I knocked on the door of Doctor Music Company, and with the same simplicity that they attended me, they provided me all the information needed to present Doctor Music Festival ’97, as the best marketing action plan of the year. Both, company and me, were awarded with the first prize. I realized that the success of a company it’s possible by people who work in it. They gave me a VIP pass to access all areas of the Doctor Music Festival. The feeling I had when I walked into the Festival could be defined with one song: Born in the U.S.A.

The second story take place in the stage of exploration. For one year I worked as congress hostess in several venues at Barcelona. I remember the day I got my first congress hostess suit. Back home it started to rain. I had no umbrella so, I stood in a doorway to keep dry my most precious treasure. It appeared a boy and stood beside me. We hope to stop raining. We did not talk, nor exchanged our names. For my worried face I guess he thought my bag contained something valuable. He was right. Of all the events I lived, I choose the International AIDS Conference with Nelson Mandela as a special guest. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: Reason to believe.

The third story take place in the professional stage with my participation in the Mobile World Congress as a summary of my career. A time of fullness and experience which allowed me to enjoy the moment, and at the same time I learned new things. For me, the basic requirement to perform the required functions was being physically fit. Never before I had walked so many milles at a congress, nor observed so many security details. Thousands of people walk at a similar pace, just as full of a great river. We were in flow. I walked along with the best professionals and learned a lot from them and their stories. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: The river.

The last story take place in the stage of personal growth. My link was the EIBTM. I don’t belonged to any particular company, but I felt that I was part of all the companies I worked for. Meetings between professionals were converted into a memory of the past, and at the same time a desire for the future. Try other positions or other companies. And despite only exchange a greeting or a formal handshake, it is enough to know that all attendees are passionate about the event industry. It was a time for reflection away from sales, promotions, negotiations and new contacts. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: Devils & Dust.

I’m at stage of expansion toward a horizon ruled by peace. I imagine a conference in the framework of the United Nations and I have the dream of make it possible. The feeling that I have in one song is: Working on a dream.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas. 

During a gap

I love to read and write. I spend most of my spare time either with a good book or with my laptop creating a new world on the page. I am passionate about books. I read many different kinds of books. My favourite book is The Wheel of Life by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. My favourite movie is Life is Beautiful written by Roberto Benigni. My favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen and I admired the leadership style of Mother Teresa because she talked to presidents but she lived with have-nots.

I try to find time each weekend to run. Running is a good way for me to clear my mind. When I do it I enjoy it. I’m passionate about learning new things to improve my career or just information that let me communicate effectively with others in a social manner. I think it’s important to learn just to be able to interact politely with others. I’m motivated by the desire to do a good job in any position you find me, resolving difficult situations or to help anyone who comes to me with a problem related to my work.

During a gap, I’ve learned a great deal about myself. My “road of life” has been interesting, sometimes challenging and always rewarding. The steps along the way that have led to this point in my life are, in some ways, different than I had imagined. However, I like who I am today in part because of my past. For example, when my favourite company suddenly closed their doors during a down-turn in the economy, the road ahead was unknown but I discovered I had strengths such as perseverance.

I handle the challenge not only as the negative aspect of it, but the positive aspects also. Therefore, I try to analyse and make suggestions try to come up with the best way to solve the problem. Over time I realized that the challenge is a part of our lives, it makes us more mature and responsible. Being organized helps me balance my professional life and personal life. Two things are very important to me my professionalism at work and my family life.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.


Su nombre es Carme, su tierra natal Vilafranca de Penedès y su generación histórica la del 77. Autodidacta casi por naturaleza, su curiosidad lectora se despertó en un verano excesivamente caluroso. Tumbada en el suelo para aliviar el calor, se aventuró con la lectura ininterrumpida de la colección Agatha Christie. Al terminar sintió un vacío tan grande, que tomó por costumbre llevar un libro de bolsillo allá donde fuera. Con una mayoría de edad recién cumplida se fue a Barcelona y, con el paso de tiempo, dicha ciudad se hizo hueco en su corazón.

De profesión organizadora de eventos y aposentada en Barcelona, tuvo la oportunidad de tratar con personas de nacionalidades diversas y su nombre sufrió una leve transformación. La neutralidad que implicaba la pronunciación de su última vocal provocó tal confusión de significado entre su nombre de origen y el “karma”, que aunque hipotéticamente pudieran estar relacionados, profesionalmente hablando nada tenían que ver. Fue entonces cuando surgió una nueva denominación de su nombre, aunque no de origen, llamada Carmen.

Carmen se cruzó con el desempleo y entró en un conflicto interno. Quería superar unas circunstancias aceptadas aunque no deseadas y, ante un gran número de posibilidades, tomó la decisión de evolucionar como persona. Un reto alcanzable con el tiempo, que ella vio desde un primer momento como una oportunidad. Entonces, apareció su objeto mágico, Twitter. Y pensó. Y reflexionó. Y volvió a pensar. Y surgió una nueva denominación de su nombre, una mezcla entre origen y profesión: menplanner.

Este es mi relato y vosotros formáis parte de él.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas