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Approach to social marketing

To get started in social marketing, I use the acronym POST. As explained in the book Growndswell written by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, POST is a concept coined by Forrester Research that will help us to approach the social marketing, using the following template:

“P” (people) – ¿Where are our target?. Once we are clear, research is needed to know if our network employs more than any other social network.

“O” (objective) – ¿What we want to achieve by Social Marketing?. The overall outcome of our marketing, needs to be very clear.

“S” (strategy) – ¿What is the best way to attract our target market?. We must have planned our strategy and we make sure that is in line with our main objective.

“T” (technology) – ¿How can we research the demographics of our target market?. We have tools at our disposal that we can use as

Sources of information:

Bernoff, Josh. Li, Charlene. Growndswell.

Smith, Mari. Preface by Guy Kawasaki. El Nuevo marketing relacional.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.


Who I am. Carmen Rafecas, with personal brand “menplanner”, passionate Event Organizer and storyteller, links profession and hobby with commitment to understand the “world of peace”.

What I want. I want to share my resources with networks to generate new business opportunities. With an open view of the world, I hope to be able to feed the network with useful contributions.

Skills and abilities. I am sociable, discreet, and well-organized, with good skills verbal and written communication. I’m able to prioritize tasks, teamwork, and pay attention to detail. Also, I am skilled for research and synthesis of information.

How I can help you . I offer to give free lectures and write articles related to event industry. Also I write short stories about the Culture of Peace. However, I am open to other possibilities of collaboration.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.

Professional approach

My main responsibilities include budgeting, site selection, negotiate with hotels and airlines, creating complete programs for events, trade fairs and exhibitions planning, management of VIP, speakers, suppliers and registrations, onsite coordination, and post-event evaluation.

In the future I want to serve the United Nations. With this vision, and to satisfy my need for research and training, I published articles and short stories related to the Culture of Peace and Meeting Planning to transmit the set of values through my personal brand “menplanner”.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.

My website strategy

Since opening my personal blog, as a pilot, I can see how my project works in practice, to give form and substance. After six months, it is time to match the probable and possible. I am aware that I am in a phase that requires a lot of energy, which must act fast, adjusting, correcting and implementing actions in short time.

This website strategy is aimed to share ideas about the culture of peace. You will find articles, book reviews, opinion pieces, stories, and summaries. You can also find contents related to event management, because I think the events play an important role in good relations between countries, companies and people.

The unifying thread of this blog is communication to global audience. The articles published in this site may be copied, provided it is included at the end of it, a link to the menplanner site. The main languages used are English and Spanish and I publish on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 7 a.m.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.