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Event management strategy

A well planned event at a strategic level must become a brand experience that we can spread online, press, and all marketing tools we can think. We must focus on the strategic goal that the customer wants to achieve, thinking, and develop it carefully. That is to say, make the maximum possible touch points for users to interact. Also, the vote lives during the event it’s a useful tool that provides dynamic presentations and get feedback from the audience interactivity.

Therefore, in the call, broadcast and event management, we must include the use of web 2.0 applications, online and mobile communications, access control system (RFID), webcasting, online registration and event management software. Likewise, it is essential to fulfill with current data protection legislation, and in the same way, the software must be designed to store the information about who has access to files at all times, if those files are shared.

Finally, we must work on experiential marketing because the client searches for a direct and measurable impact. This concept integrates live and online marketing, offering a deep interaction with the brand or organizer company through a relevant story and immersing it. Managing emotions in the events is still uncommon, but it will become essential in the future to create a mood to the audience that causes them unforgettable emotions.

Source of information:

Roca Prats, José Luis. Comercialización de eventos.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.