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The European Cities Marketing

Events and meetings are those events that arise from a particular need or motivation that can be professional, social or cultural. When this need arises, it will be necessary an organizer that makes such activity appropriately and to help the organization. Event organizers could be companies or individuals who decide to direct the event, or count with the experience and professionalism of qualified personnel. These can be OPC or specialized travel agencies, associations or Convention Bureau.

In addition, the customer has more information about destinations and events, becomes much more exigent and demand better service and best price. Events and meetings have a very positive economic and social impact in the host cities destinations because it stabilizes demand to a destination offered in low season. Usually generate income urban tourism and business because the host city causes an expense that has a positive impact on the global economy.

To promote the events, the city marketing is useful to establish a communication strategy to make the image of a city widely recognized and accepted by the public and other agents involved. The European Cities Marketing improves the competitiveness and performance of the leading cities of Europe by providing a platform for convention, leisure and city marketing professionals to exchange knowledge, best practice and widen their network to perform even better.

The information and communications technology facilitate as well as the promotion, the organization and the development of events with new applications register participants, make payments of registrations or send invitations and announcements. Some examples of ICT for events, to finish: web platform, themed blogs, web tools, wikis, RSS, BIDI codes, software specialized on events, GPS systems and geographical location, social networks, mobile apps, etc.

Source of information:

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Post written by Carmen Rafecas