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Before hiring event insurance

Before hiring event insurance, it is necessary to do more work on “what if” scenarios. The event cancelation insurance provides more than financial assistance for the cost associated with cancelling, or rescheduling an event. It is increasing the necessity of a risk management tool for organisers. Understanding the wording of the policy is essential, so have clear about what is covered and what is not. If there are economic resources, is advisable buying a policy that is underwritten by an insurer that specialises in providing tailored event cancellation cover.

Nowadays, conference organisers also should consider new headings to add to their contingency plans: bad weather, clouds of ash, political and security threats and the current outbreak of Ebola. However, WHO does not consider air transport hubs at high risk for further spread of Ebola. Obviously, the international association congresses ICCA are carefully monitoring the situation and are listening to feedback with their members in Africa, but up to now, there doesn’t seem to have been any noticeable impact on international association congresses taking place in Africa.

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Post written by Carmen Rafecas