Culture of Peace to drive social change

Political and social crisis in Catalonia

Africa is one of the places in the world where there consequences of imperialism, colonialism and globalization are most harshly expressed because of lack of water, lack of education, lack of technological advancements, lack of internet and all information that is now available to everybody. There are many people in the world doing things from a different point of view and we must show to everyone and debate it by confronting ideas and solve problems together.

From the current situation in Spain we could learn different ways of acting observing the African movements. The central Government is not already the only political actor, the civil society and the local authorities have already things to say on a global scale and they want to be heard. After years of economic, political and social crisis in Catalonia, the reaction of citizens has been expressed mainly in streets protests and the idea of mobilized the society has caused a change.

Consequently and in my view, the Government of Catalonia has given voice to citizen as a facilitator of an open space, plural and diverse without benefit of the functions of Parliament and with the consent of social and political groups. The human society should have the right to be able to talk about their present, look at the past and build their own future through a culture of active participation, and the civil society is a political agent fundamental to create this possibility.

Africa has the ability to change itself but the most important is changes ourselves opening the possibility to our solidarity through dialogue with Governments. If you change your way of acting you are already changing something. It is already changing and we are in the building process. The important is multiplying these by the maximum and always affirms hope every day in adverse conditions, in difficult situations and to solve the problems on the way.

Source of inspiration:

(Film). The process of the possible. World Social Forum.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas