Culture of Peace to drive social change

Backstage with Bruce Springsteen

Backstage with Bruce Springsteen is full of roads, dreams, hopes, successes and disappointments. All my stages are identified with one of his songs. He is my favorite singer.

The first story take place in the stage of student. I had the opportunity to participate in a 10th Edition Award Ceremony organised by my college. I knocked on the door of Doctor Music Company, and with the same simplicity that they attended me, they provided me all the information needed to present Doctor Music Festival ’97, as the best marketing action plan of the year. Both, company and me, were awarded with the first prize. I realized that the success of a company it’s possible by people who work in it. They gave me a VIP pass to access all areas of the Doctor Music Festival. The feeling I had when I walked into the Festival could be defined with one song: Born in the U.S.A.

The second story take place in the stage of exploration. For one year I worked as congress hostess in several venues at Barcelona. I remember the day I got my first congress hostess suit. Back home it started to rain. I had no umbrella so, I stood in a doorway to keep dry my most precious treasure. It appeared a boy and stood beside me. We hope to stop raining. We did not talk, nor exchanged our names. For my worried face I guess he thought my bag contained something valuable. He was right. Of all the events I lived, I choose the International AIDS Conference with Nelson Mandela as a special guest. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: Reason to believe.

The third story take place in the professional stage with my participation in the Mobile World Congress as a summary of my career. A time of fullness and experience which allowed me to enjoy the moment, and at the same time I learned new things. For me, the basic requirement to perform the required functions was being physically fit. Never before I had walked so many milles at a congress, nor observed so many security details. Thousands of people walk at a similar pace, just as full of a great river. We were in flow. I walked along with the best professionals and learned a lot from them and their stories. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: The river.

The last story take place in the stage of personal growth. My link was the EIBTM. I don’t belonged to any particular company, but I felt that I was part of all the companies I worked for. Meetings between professionals were converted into a memory of the past, and at the same time a desire for the future. Try other positions or other companies. And despite only exchange a greeting or a formal handshake, it is enough to know that all attendees are passionate about the event industry. It was a time for reflection away from sales, promotions, negotiations and new contacts. The feeling I had could be defined with one song: Devils & Dust.

I’m at stage of expansion toward a horizon ruled by peace. I imagine a conference in the framework of the United Nations and I have the dream of make it possible. The feeling that I have in one song is: Working on a dream.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.