Culture of Peace to drive social change

Learn to understand

Our situation on this Earth is paradoxical. Communication is triumphant and the planet is crisscrossed with networks but general incomprehension is still the rule. So, mission of education is teaching understanding between people as a condition and warranty of humanity’s moral and intellectual solidarity. If we learn to understand before condemning, we will be on the way to humanizing human relations. Understanding always is intersubjective; demands an open heart, sympathy, generosity.

Our planet needs mutual understanding in all directions, on all education levels and for all ages. Without dialogue between peoples of the world cannot exist peace. An intercultural attitude implies a risk and therefore the acceptance of the human vulnerability. Is the transition from a culture of war to a culture of peace. Is the pursuit of humanization via accession to citizenship for an organized planetary community. This is true mission of the United Nations and maybe it should be that of each of us.

Good practices:

  • Ignorance, hate and selfishness can only overcome by love, knowledge, empathy and understanding.
  • Contribute to the knowledge that is necessary to combat ignorance and fanatism.
  • Speak out for justice and peace.
  • Work towards the increasing freedom and solidarity of men and women.
  • Understanding and intercultural dialogue.
  • Have touch with essential values of civilization and humanity.


¿How to raise awareness of the need for peace in the world?

Source of information:

(CD-book) PRO · PACEM. J. Savall, M. Figueras, L. Elmaleh, M.S. Khalil, M. Mauillon, F.Savall, with texts write by Fatema Mernissi, Edgar Morin, Raimon Panikkar.

The sound takes the form of a living dialogue of spiritually expressive vocal and instrumental music from a variety of repertoires from East and West. The non-musical part includes four interesting texts about the function of art and the educational, philosophical and spiritual thought, in addition to three new paintings by Antoni Tàpies dedicated to peace.

Purpose of the book: Makes a plea for a world without war or terrorism and for total nuclear disarmament.

Current situation: The imbalance in the world has intensified in recent years.

Cause: Millions of lives to the establishment of totally outmoded systems of exploitation.

Effect: Inhuman economic policy.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas