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During a gap

I love to read and write. I spend most of my spare time either with a good book or with my laptop creating a new world on the page. I am passionate about books. I read many different kinds of books. My favourite book is The Wheel of Life by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. My favourite movie is Life is Beautiful written by Roberto Benigni. My favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen and I admired the leadership style of Mother Teresa because she talked to presidents but she lived with have-nots.

I try to find time each weekend to run. Running is a good way for me to clear my mind. When I do it I enjoy it. I’m passionate about learning new things to improve my career or just information that let me communicate effectively with others in a social manner. I think it’s important to learn just to be able to interact politely with others. I’m motivated by the desire to do a good job in any position you find me, resolving difficult situations or to help anyone who comes to me with a problem related to my work.

During a gap, I’ve learned a great deal about myself. My “road of life” has been interesting, sometimes challenging and always rewarding. The steps along the way that have led to this point in my life are, in some ways, different than I had imagined. However, I like who I am today in part because of my past. For example, when my favourite company suddenly closed their doors during a down-turn in the economy, the road ahead was unknown but I discovered I had strengths such as perseverance.

I handle the challenge not only as the negative aspect of it, but the positive aspects also. Therefore, I try to analyse and make suggestions try to come up with the best way to solve the problem. Over time I realized that the challenge is a part of our lives, it makes us more mature and responsible. Being organized helps me balance my professional life and personal life. Two things are very important to me my professionalism at work and my family life.

Post written by Carmen Rafecas.