Communication for development

Peace Meetings uses values education to teach peaceful solutions to conflicts

Learning on Earth observation, the author Carmen Rafecas (@menplanner) writes peace experiences every saturday to explain values and attitudes around the Culture of Peace.

The objective of the collection is develop critical thinking and open-mindedness. So, messages are transversely directed to the individual, institutions and society.

The collection promotes values education and foster online debate. For this reason, the publications are distributed every week on several facebeook groups and google plus communities.

In fact, Peace Meetings is involved in the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, taking action under the specific goal: Peace, justice and strong institutions.




Data set:  Peace experiences
Description: Fifty peace experiences  – culture of peace – research and innovation
Category: Sustainability
Downloads: PDF file , Slideshare
Company: Peace Meetings
Author: Carmen Rafecas
Released: March 2017
Language: es
Spatial coverege: Global
Temporal coverege: Year